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  Item # Description Price Unit
607875RS75M12 Good Job! I'm Proud of You Daymaker Greeting Book
Good Job I'm Proud of You Graduation Daymaker Greeting Book. This is a hardback gift book published by Barbour Publishing. It includes inspirational poems, stories, quotes, scripture and more. It is pre-priced $4.95 with a removable $1.99 sticker. Measures 6.5" x 5.75"
0.39 each
6787M166 Cats Out of the Bag - Book
SRP $6.95! This paperback book is full of fun, quick information about the cat. 5.5".
0.50 each
69867RS25 Little Red Riding Hood Hardback Book
Little Red Riding Hood Hardback Book. UPC 9780811869867
2.50 each
703742M82 Bridal Bouquet Hardback Book
PREPRICED: $6.50! This 5.5" x 4" hardback book is titled "Bridal Bouquet". A romantic selection of verse & prose honoring the ultimate celebration of love between 2 people. This book is the perfect gift for any bride. Each poem is accompanied by beautiful artwork.
0.85 each
70582RS68 "Kate Culhane: A Ghost Story" by Michael Hague
PREPRICED: $15.95. This hardback book measures 10.25" x 7" & features 40 full colored pages.
1.25 each
715167RS46 The Lover's Companion - Book
SRP $7.95! This paperback book is a rich tapestry of thoughts and musings to give loving couples inspiration for keeping their love alive and glowing. 4.5" x 6".
0.75 each
715174M81RS62 Romantic Essentials - Book
SRP $7.95! In this paperback book you will find hundreds of new romantic ideas, secrets, schemes, rules, lessons, and tips for showing your partner your love in countless creative ways. 4.5" x 6".
0.65 each
715983RS24 Breasts In Art Board Book
SRP $9.95! This board book features pictures of breasts that are featured in different art. 6.25" x 5.25".
0.50 each
716010RS24 Noses In Art Board Book
SRP $9.95! This board book features pictures of noses that are featured in different art. 6.25" x 5.25".
0.50 each
717024M75X 365 Salutes to America - Book
SRP $9.95! This paperback book includes 365 great quotes and thoughts from the world's greatest writers and politicians. 4.5".
0.55 each
790415RS46 21st Century Dog - Book
This hardback book has a collection of stories and art about dogs of the future. 8.25" x 8.25".
1.35 each
801170RS82 A Bird For You Book
Find out about all of the basics about owning a bird. Learn about what birds eat, how to keep your bird happy, and general care. Measures 9.25" x 9.25"
1.50 each
818503RS70/30 "Songs from the Hills" -- Book
BACK IN STOCK! This very nice hard-back book by Maria Von Matthiessen has 117 pictures and biographies of some of country music's greatest stars of all time. SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE $25.00, OUR PRICE ONLY $1.80!
1.80 each
82505RS42 A Book of Sweethearts - Book
This hardback book is a treasury of art and words celebrating women. 11.5" x 10.5".
1.95 each
82839RS87 Cooking School Holidays Book - Hardback
Author Jenni Muir selected schools that will provide a memorable holiday along with practical skills and useful knowledge about a particular cuisine. Accompanying 150 stunning travel and food pictures in full color. Measures 10" x 9".
2.95 each
83236M71 Good Night Baby Ruby Book
Baby Ruby, like so many children, doesn?t want to go to bed. After she gets a bath and has her hair brushed, no one can find her! Is she rooting through the closet? Or is she playing with kitty? Explore along with Baby Ruby as she avoids bedtime?but not for too long... Measures 8.5" x 8.5"
1.50 each
835102RS14 Coffee with Marilyn Book
Sex appeal: Marilyn Monroe had it, all right. And sometimes that?s all people could see: The trouble is being a sex symbol means being a ?thing.? But she was, in reality, a complex, talented, and troubled woman. Hardback book. Measures 6" x 5"
1.65 each
860038RS74 Star of the Show Hardback Book
Star of the Show Hardback Book
2.65 each
867219M173 The Color Code - A Revolutionary Eating Plan for Optimum Health
SRP $22.95! In this hardback book experts combine their expertise in aging and nutrition. 9.5" x 6.5".
1.00 each
884084RS24 Kim Anderson® Book - "These Things I Love"
This 6" x 4.5" hardback book by Kim Anderson® is titled "These Things I Love". Each page features a poem & Kim Anderson's hand-tinted photographs which capture life's simple pleasures as they happen.
0.45 each
884246RS41 Food - Art Puzzle Book
This really cool book has 5 vintage look puzzles inside. Each page you flip reveals a new puzzle. It is pre-priced $12.00. Measures 7.4" x 7.2".
0.45 each
905947RS2M12 Still the One Marriage Daymaker Greeting Book
Still the One Marriage Daymaker Greeting Book. This is a hardback gift book published by Barbour Publishing. It includes inspirational poems, stories, quotes, scripture and more. It is pre-priced $4.95 with a removable $1.99 sticker. Measures 6.5" x 5.75"
0.39 each
9100RS5 Peace Shaped Memo Pad & Lipstick Pen
Peace Shaped Memo Pad & Lipstick Pen. Measures Box Size 6" x 1" x 5"
0.80 each
926964RS87 Children's Book -- "A Terrible Thing Happened" Out of Stock
SRP: $5.99, Prepriced $4.47 for major discount chain. This paperback book has 31 pages with beautiful illustrations. The story was written for children who have witnessed violence or trauma.
0.45 each
93924RS76 Boyfriend Wisdom Book / Magnet Set - Hardcover
Timeouts, Tantrums and Other Tips for Dating Guys Who Act Like Toddlers. Includes lots of quotes from various people. This is a boxed set. Measures 5" x 4.5". ISBN: 1933662190
0.95 each set
939983RS29 The Worst Band in the Universe Book with CD
This book is written by Harry N. Abrams. It is a book about a youg Splingtwangwer-player who leaves his home planet in search of musical freedom.
1.50 each
946103RS87 Guideposts© Miracles of Healing - Book
SRP $12.95! This book includes stories taken from "His Mysterious Ways" a monthly feature in the popular and best-selling Guidepost Magazine that is devoted to the ways in which God works in the lives of His people. 6.75" x 6.25".
1.40 each
96357RS35 Colorama Adult Coloring Book
Colorama Decoration Adult Coloring Book. Over 50 Decorative Designs. Mystical Circles, Paisleys, Patterns & more. Measures 10.5" x 8"
1.50 each
97403RS77 Paperback Book -- How It's Made "Bicycles"
This 48-page paperback book is prepriced $6.95! The title is "Bicycles" A How It's Made Book by Arlene Erlbach.
0.65 each
97809RS56 The Ten Commandments Hardback Book
The Ten Commandments Hardback Book
1.90 each
981775RS57 Miss Spider Party Treat Bags -- Set of 8
Set of 8 cellophane bags have Miss Spider on the front and characters her Sunny Patch Friends on the back.
0.50 each pack of 8
9878M71 Dick Whittington and His Cat Book
The well-loved tale of the London waif whose cat's prowess as a ratter results in Dick's becoming a successful merchant and Lord Mayor of London. Illustrated. Measures 10.5" x 10.5"
1.55 each
ASTBOOKSM106 All Occasions Hard Back Books - Assorted
These 40 paged books are prepriced $4.95 and have a removable sticker for $1.99! Includes phrases, poems, stories, and scripture. Measures 5.5" by 6.5".
0.39 each book
CLR003RS13 Adult Coloring Book "Shine"
Adult Coloring Book "Shine". Christian Art Publishers. relaxing coloring book. Designed for adults but suitable for all ages. Measures 8.5" x 8.5"
2.25 each
IPC101RS37 My Secret Journal
My Secret Journal Pink Glitter. Measures 6" x 8"
1.95 each
PY104RS43 Teacher Book -- "Yes! Bird Watch"
This is a Troll® Big Book Magazine. "Yes! Bird Watch" is 18" x 15" and made for instructional use, such as for teachers to use in their classrooms.
1.65 each

136 items found: <Previous Page> Page [1] [2] [ 3 ]


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