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Silk Flowers : -FRUIT & VEGETABLES :

27 items found: Page [ 1 ]

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  Item # Description Price Unit
14018CGRS12 Large Artichoke -- Coral
This large artichoke pick is coral-colored and green.
0.75 Each
14018RS17 Large Artichoke -- Plum
This large artichoke pick is plum-colored and green.
0.75 Each
14020RS15 Small Artichoke -- Plum
This small artichoke pick is plum-colored and green.
0.50 Each
14032GRN/RS83 Apple -- Green/Gold
This artificial apple is coverd with gold and green accents. The accent part has an antique look.
0.35 Each
142706RS53 Sugar Coated Banana
This acrylic banana has a sugar coated look. Measures 7.5" long x 1.5" wide.
0.35 each
142798BM124 Large Pomegranate - Burgundy
This large sized pomegranate has a foam core & burgundy colored skin. The leaves have wire inside. Measures 5" not including the stem.
0.55 each
145236RS78 Purple Cabbage
This 5" purple cabbage has silk leaves with a coating to make it shiny & durable. Very realistic looking!
0.75 each
14531RS29 Peach
This peach is made of foam on the inside and is fuzzy on the outside. 3" x 2.5".
0.50 each
145503GRS12 Celery Stalk - Green
This celery stalk is 15" tall and has five fabric leaves.
0.45 each
  22197BSM104 13" Blue Berry Spray
13" Blue Berry Spray. Made by Sullivans.
0.75 each
49121RS65 Multi Color Berry Bush 28"
Multi Color Berry Bush 28". Nice, realistic look berry bush. Great for Christmas florals and general holiday decorating. Five individual stems on each bush.
4.50 each
5276780RS38 Artificial Lemons / Set of 12
Artificial lemons that look like the real thing. Set of 12 Each measure 3" x 2" x 2"
7.80 Set of 12
5277403RS55 Artificial Limes / Set of 12
Artificial limes that look like the real thing. Set of 12. Each measure 3" x 2" x 2"
7.80 Set of 12
964743RS14 Snowy Rose Branch with Pomegranate & Berries
Super Quality! Sorry, we cannot name the manufacturer. This well made branch has roses, pomegranate, and berries. It is snow covered and complete with a nice bow. Measures 9" x 27"
2.90 each
EB1019NT-RS83 Beaded Persimmon
This persimmon is made of bead covered foam. 2.75 x 2".
0.40 each
FL291RS15 Decorative Artichoke
Decorative artichoke for floral arrangements and home decor. Each measures 5" long.
0.95 each
G034GRS13 Pomegrante Pick
This artificial pomegrante has a tiny stem on it. It is 2.5" in diameter and is coated in a wax-type layer.
0.25 each
GR07LNRS24 Grapes Assortment Of 3 In Box
Grapes Assortment Of 3 In Box. The Perfect Addition To Home Decor. Package Size 6.5" x 6.5"
1.95 each
KMT4912M148 Decorative Accents Artificial Fruit Lemons Set of 6
Decorative Accents Artificial Fruit Lemons. Set of 6 Lemons. Each Lemon Measures 3.5" X 2.5" X 2.5"
2.95 Box Of 6
RS9801M7 Mini Green Apples
Mini Green Apples. 15 Piece Green Apples.
1.25 each
RS9892M17 Tomato
Red Tomato.
0.55 each
RS9895M127 large Red Grape Bunch
large Red Grape Bunch. Used for Decorations.
0.85 each
RS9896M55 Large Green Grape Bunch
Large Green Grape Bunch. Used for Decorations.
0.85 each
RS9897M117 Regular Red Grape Bunch
Regular Red Grapes Bunch. 6 bags of 8. Used for Decoration.
0.75 each
RS9898M86 Small Green Grapes Bunch
Small Green Grapes Bunch. Used for Decorations.
0.75 each
SA14431M41 Apple Pick
This is a beautiful pick that would look great for decoration and in artificial floral arrangements!
0.50 each
XF008GR-RS24 Glitter Orange - Green
This orange has a sugar coated look. 3" x 3".
0.40 each

27 items found: Page [ 1 ]


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